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Founded in 2023 in the vibrant tech hub of Darmstadt, One More Cup Studios stands at the forefront of innovation, merging cutting-edge technology with novel approaches to traditional methodologies. Our team, having a background in AAA Game Development, Serious Game Development and Leadership in big tech projects, is committed to creating groundbreaking solutions that blend entertainment with practical business applications.

At One More Cup Studios, our passion for video games drives everything we do. We believe that the creativity and technical expertise honed in the gaming industry can revolutionize business solutions. Beyond the mere "gamification" buzzword, we infuse genuine fun and engaging elements into our projects, enhancing user engagement and supporting product success.

We partner with both industry leaders and small businesses alike to develop progressive projects that redefine conventional approaches, drive innovation and forge a future where digital interactions create socially meaningful outcomes.

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We pride ourselves on our comprehensive co-development approach, handling all technical and game-related responsibilities from concept to completion. Our expertise lies not only in game development but also in fostering collaborations that amplify the mutual strengths.

With One More Cup Studios, you gain a partner committed to turning visionary ideas into reality, enhancing every project with deep industry knowledge and a robust collaborative framework.

Co-Development & Project Consulting

  • Comprehensive Game Development from conceptualization to final release
  • Advanced Multi-Platform targeting of Web / Desktop / Mobile / VR
  • Strategic Pipeline & Tool Conceptualization and Development
  • Creative UX/UI Design and Conceptualization

Game Design

  • Development and Implementation of Gamification Strategies for business and education
  • Tailored solutions for Serious Games
  • Expert game design for Traditional Games

3D Services

  • Innovative Photogrammetry Solutions, including digital twin technology
  • Realtime Web-Embedded 3D Scenes for interactive user experiences


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